Bramton Turquoise Bone Dispenser with bags, 30 bags

Bramton Turquoise Bone Dispenser with bags, 30 bags


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Bramton Bone Dispenser with 30 dog waste bags (2 rolls of 15 bags) makes picking up after your dog even more simple and convenient with our new Dookie Dock! Dookie Dock is a hands-free poop bag holder that holds two dog waste bags, so you can always have a free hand. And, our metal carabiner makes attaching to any leash (standard or retractable) even easier, so you’ll always have poop bag when you need it. The Bone poop bag dispenser has a sturdy, compact design and holds 15 large dog poop bags. And, when it’s time to refill, simply twist off the top and reload with a fresh roll of bags. Our bags have double-sealed seams to make them stronger and leak-proof guaranteed.



  • Picking up after your dog is quick and simple.
  • Sturdy, compact dispenser that is easy to reload.
  • Bags have double-sealed seams to make them strong and leak-proof guaranteed.


Pet waste pick up is a necessity. For responsible pet parents who make it a habit to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, Bramton provides strong, reliable solutions that make the job a lot less yucky and are good for the environment. We provide responsible pet parents with compact, refillable dispensers that attach to any type of leash and contain a roll of pick-up bags designed to easily dispose of your pet's waste. These products are convenient, stylish and always close at hand.