In 1999, the most wonderful, playful long-haired feline was dropped onto my doorstep. This little ball of fur meowed, purred, snuggled, and followed my every move for well over 17 years. Named SEVEN after my favorite Denver Bronco MVP, we had many great adventures together in spite of the fact that I was extremely allergic to cats (and dogs) and he was battling a series of skin allergies that required him to wear a t-shirt most of his adult life.

Seven was a game changer for me, opening my eyes to a healthier, cleaner way of life. As we both got older, nutrition became more and more important. Searching store after store for the right ingredients and brands. Reading labels to avoid potential allergens, fillers, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. Moderating our eating habits. Exercising. And choosing a more organic, all-natural diet - a focus that extended his life for many years, even after diagnosed with kidney disease.

“Pets by Nature was created to carry forth Seven’s legacy of healthy food, happy pets.”


At Pets by Nature, our mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of pets in the community by offering owners a convenient one-stop, healthy pet shop: the best all-natural pet products and supplies for sale and delivery; plus, the best all-natural mobile grooming, pet sitting, walking, training, and at-home veterinary services.


Pets by Nature was established in August 2016 as a family owned and operated pet business in Denver, CO. In addition to myself, my wife Adrienne is acting COO along with our 6-year old miniature Pinscher-Pomeranian rescue, SIMBA, who joyfully tests and inspects our products as Head of Quality Assurance.

  Mark Sells
  President | CEO
  Pets by Nature